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Special Export Processing Zone, Biñan City 4024, Laguna, Philippines


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For customers and applicants in the Philippines:

Mold Marshalling System – Inquiries mms-mail
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Human Resources – Recruitment recruit-mail

For customers outside the Philippines (in Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Australia):

Please refer to the contact details of your nearest sales office by following the link below.


September 2019
Futaba Corporation, Japan

Caution regarding Fake Emails using Futaba Corporation Name

“It has recently come to our attention that a scam is occurring that involves false emails appearing to originate from Futaba Corporation.

This scam and its perpetrators have no association with Futaba Corporation or any of our affiliated companies. Please exercise all appropriate caution to avoid this ongoing scam. If there is any doubt about an email, disconnect and do not respond.

If the problem persists, please report it to the proper authorities.”


November 8, 2019
Futaba Corporation of the Philippines

Computer Virus Infection Occurs

We regret to tell you that our computer in FUTABA Corporation of the Philippines (hereafter called FCP), was infected by computer virus, and some e-mail addresses saved on such computer were stolen.

The result of investigation we gathered before now is as follows. We have no information about secondary damage. We will keep on investigating to prevent further damage or diffusion, and to identify the cause.

For your security, if you receive any suspicious e-mail for Futaba’s employees, please be careful not to open any attached file or any link included in such e-mail.

  1. Circumstances and Countermeasure:
    October 30 FCP received many e-mail spam from outside using e-mail address of Futaba, which was analogous to EMOTET. Anti-virus software installed on the computers detected it but we found that some e-mail addresses saved on address book were stolen.
    November 6 We applied filtering on our mail server to ensure security, and transmission was recovered.
  2. Stolen Information:
    Some address of e-mails exchanged with FCP’s employees were stolen.
  3. Scope of Impact by Virus Infection:
    At the present, we have no information that the mail texts or attached files were leaked. We will keep on gathering the information on  the scope of impact.
  4. Recurrence Prevention Measure:
    We will alert our employees of suspicious e-mails and we will convey full security measures to computers we have.
  5. Contact Information

    120 North Science Avenue, Laguna Technopark
    Special Export Processing Zone, Biñan City 4024, Laguna, Philippines

    Local 246, 465