Futaba Corporation was established in 1948 by a group of engineers to manufacture vacuum tubes. In Japanese, “futari” means two people, and Futaba was named after the two founders, Mr. Goro Eto and Mr. Reiji Hosoya, who started the business in Chi—ba. “Futaba” also means the first two leaves from a seed in Japanese. The founders envisioned the new company as a seed leaf starting to grow on the completely burned down country by the war. They strongly hoped to grow and nurture the company like a big tree.

In the decades since its inception, Futaba has taken strong roots in the industrial landscape and has grown into a flourishing high-technology concern that extends into a great many fields of industry.

In line with Futaba’s concept of globalization, Futaba Corporation of the Philippines (FCP) was established on 1995 to meet the growing demands of vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) requirements globally.

Today, Futaba has grown to be the world’s foremost manufacturer of VFD and is continuously developing new and brighter ideas to fulfill customer’s needs for displays that last.

Mission and Vision

As a member of Futaba group, Futaba Corporation of the Philippines subscribes to the Futaba Global Corporate Philosophy.


We, Futaba Group
includes Futaba Corporation and all of its affiliated companies in the world, and the employees who work there. All employees of Futaba group are connected with the common philosophy and corporate objectives shown in the “Futaba Way”.

Contribute to the prosperity of the global society
represents our commitment to contributing to the advancement of the world by bringing together the wisdom and power of all employees of Futaba Group in the world.

Creating equipment, materials and services, which are indispensable to our customers
We strongly hope that the equipment, materials and services we provide are not ordinary ones, but recognized as unique, reliable and valuable products that are indispensable to our customers. To this end, we must preemptively address market needs through multiple viewpoints. focus on the development of leading-edge technologies, and achieve unrivaled quality, cost and quick delivery.

Corporate Philosophy

“Honshitsu-no-Chokushi” is to have the desire to look at the nature of things in depth, and to investigate thoroughly. There are no limits to pursuing the true spirit of Honshitsu-no-Chokushi. We respect this as a philosophy which motivates us to improve and challenge our minds forever.

Honshitsu-no-Chokushi appears in different manners depending on the situation:
Business Activities Understanding goals, needs and desires of our customers.
Manufacturing ActivitiesEmploy lean manufacturing techniques to eliminate unreasonable and wasteful processes.

Code of Conduct

We will pursue the nature of things in a stubbornly honest manner, and practice the following to establish a corporate culture which allow us to make a free and imaginative way of thinking while sharing joy with all of our customers and employees:

  1. Challenge every business opportunity with speed and eagerness.
  2. Endeavor to enhance one’s capabilities in order to make one’s dream come true.
  3. Conduct one’s life with warm cordiality, and value people-to-people relationships.
  4. Conduct one’s life in a law-abiding manner and with ethical sense.
  5. Promote love for nature and protect the future of our planet through reducing environmental load.