The mold marshalling system is an injection molding measuring system that uses sensors and special-purpose amplifiers installed inside a mold to convert the behavior of the resin inside the mold (the mold itself previously regarded as something of a black box) into a signal or voltage.

The system outputs this signal or voltage in real time to a PC or measuring instruments. This digitized data has a wide range of uses. it can be used to set optimal molding parameters, automatically screen for defective products, control quality, and evaluate molds.


mms-feature-1 In-Cavity resin  pressure measurement
Measures resin pressures inside the mold.
mms-feature-2 Flow velocity measurement
Measures resin flow front speed, regardless of direction  of flow, based on a single sensor.
mms-feature-3 In-Cavity resin temperature measurement
Measures resin temperatures inside the mold.
mms-feature-4 Flow front detection
Instantly detects resin arrival and outputs the corresponding control signal.
mms-feature-5 Mold surface temperature measurement
Measures cavity surface temperatures.


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