VFD is a display device that uses vacuum triode tube technology. The phosphor is patterned on the anode in a vacuum package. Electrons come into collision with the phosphor to emit a very bright light with high contrast that can support display elements of various colors.

Robust, reliable and inexpensive. These are several advantages of VFD over other kinds of displays like LCD and LED. VFDs can also function in extreme temperatures and provide wide viewing angles and excellent readability.

Because of these features, VFDs are used in automotive applications such as car audio, instrument panels, odometers,  gear selectors and air conditioners. VFDs are the preferred display for audio and visual systems, microwave ovens and other home applications.

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  • VFDs have excellent readability compared to other display technologies because of their self-luminous capability and wide viewing angle. Also, VFDs can provide uniform luminance giving you high design freedom.
  • Applied screen printing technology is available for patterning. You can design fonts and patterns freely.
  • Bright multi-color. We have 15 different color phosphors, so that a beautiful multi-color display is available.
  • VFDs have the same structure as vacuum tubes, so it is hardly influenced by external factors.
    Therefore, it has the advantage of environment resist, high reliability and long life. It also has a wide operating temperature range, so VFDs are widely used for automotive applications, home appliances and other places where other kinds of displays will malfunction.
  • Low driving voltage. VFD driving voltage is suitable to direct drive with a general micro controller.

Applications of VFD


  DVD Players




  Weights and Measures






  Water heating systems